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CH Masterbully's Koopa Troopa of MB/FFB

Ich/Ncl clear, OFA Excellent




At Masterbully's we breed pureblood American Bulldog (registered with the ABRA and NKC). We are located far in the country, in a small, beautiful village named Saint-Adelphe, 2 hours from Montreal. We have a huge yard surrounded by fields, we hike to the mountains 1 mile behind the house with our dogs. We have a nice and clean kennel set up as well as a heated whelping room for our puppies, we have our kennel license and are inspected every year. 



We are looking to produce our own healthy bloodline of working and show bulldogs, with typical traits that we will strive to lock on in a couple generations. Working ability, very clean breathing, intelligence and athleticism are our main traits, and we want a balanced dog both physically and mentally. A Hybrid type bulldog that is healthy and sound, while being muscular and impressive. We carefully selected our breeding stock from reputable breeders all over the world in the beginning, and we have always been and still are picky about which dog makes our program or not! We are also members of the GSSCC and member of the Club IPO Pro-Sport. We train, test and show our dogs, even with our 2 young kids! We do not only produce show dogs, and are not looking to only produce working dogs, we want the total package that can perform on the field and in the show ring.

We test all our dogs against hips displasia, elbow displasia, ICH and NCL. All our pups are sold registered with a 2 years guarantee against hereditary defects. We do not sell our puppies with breeding rights, unless you are a very consciencious breeder who has high breeding ethics and practices that fit with ours, and you agree with our terms in our contract for breeders. We also keep a very close eye on our productions, we even have a page for our puppies owners on Facebook! We are easy to work with and always there to help and answer questions. We do not breed dogs with known disease and genetic defects. Every breeding is well thought out.

Our dogs all receive basic obedience as we like our bulldogs to be respectful and obedient. We are involved in conformation, obedience and protection training with our best contenders. American Bulldogs need to be exercised regularly to feel well which is why we are involved in so many activities. This breed really enjoys working hard and we tend to keep and pick the more active puppies, with a touch of fire! If you want a puppy from Masterbully, you have to have experience with bull breeds as our dogs are not for everyone. This breed is strong and we breed for working abilities, so most of our puppies have high energy level and are as well hard headed. We love a strong headed bulldog with a big personnality. We also bring our dogs everywhere to socialize them with people and children and make sure our dogs' temperaments are suitable for the breed standard and of course our own criteries.

At Masterbully we work hard with our dogs. We continue to research and learn everything we can about our bulldogs, their health, their behaviour and all aspects related to canines in general.
We are very dedicated to this breed because this is a breed that will be very dedicated to you! 


We owe everything to our foundation female Screaming Banshee of Xtreme Bulldogs, a serious and beautiful female down some great blood. She was our first hybrid bulldog and since then we are breeding hybrids. She taught me more than any other dogs since 2010. I wish today I would get her again as a puppy, I would take her to some high level of competition, but I was younger back then and was not training as seriously. Those who have met her know what she was made of!