Masterbully's Clothing Line

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We are extremely thankful to our great friend Laurent at Mightybull for the opportunity to co own this cool little female with him! Coco is a European import. Laurent wanted to get in the breeding but had limited room so he offered me if I'd be interested in it and working the puppy. I of course could not say no it was such an honor to get this puppy from this killer breeding!


Coco is going to start training intensively with me in IPO. She shows great potential for work, just as her ancestors! She is a great asset to our breeding program, bringing in some new blood as our program is based on our foundation female Banshee. Coco brings in the best working blood from Europe. Laurent at Mightybull produced her grandma and coproduced her mom so he knows this side of her ped very well. She is going to be a very cool hybrid to work with.


Coco's dad, Kaiju, is a very good working male, still young, but proven! A great, complete bulldog, from some of the best working lines in Europe. Not only he is very handsome and an athlete, but his temperament, according to his owner and the breeder of our Coco, is amazing. Coco's mom, Bubble,is a very intelligent female with a great and well balanced temperament. She has will to learn and work, and we hope Coco is also going to be a pleaser.