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ICH/NCL Clear (by parentage)

Jericho is our keeper girl from our very last breeding with Banshee. We are beyond excited as she is living with our friend Cinthia Beauregard not too far from here, an experienced trainer/handler who is currently training her in IPO. This litter was so consistant as far as temperaments and confidence! Most of them also got nice bone and crazy substance. We decided to go with her as she is the thickest with the nicest conformation ouf of the girls and maybe all the bunch, even if she has a blue eye (which is actually half blue half brown). She is very outgoing and confident, typical happy go lucky pup that is always on the go and busy! She is as sweet as can be, but has a little bit of seriousness inside her. She is a very mature puppy. Her dominance is medium right now, energy level medium as well, but her food drive off the hook. She is extremely promising physically and she should also excel in every degree of IPO as she gets older!


Jericho's dad Ducatti Blue is one hell of a nice hybrid standard dog. He is very thick and big bone for his type and we absolutely loved him when we met him! He has a nice bite, nice teeth and nice muzzle lenght. He is an easy keep, extremely well balanced dog that has a very strong will to please. We are beyond excited with his first babies and can't thank our friend Stephanie at Roper's ABs enough for letting us having his first puppies. His pedigree is well known and carries some amazing blood from proven workers and hog catchers. Jericho's mom is our foundation female and simply something else. You can visit her page on our website for more info about her.















GR CH Ducatti Blue


CH Screaming Banshee of Xtremebulldog