Masterbully's Clothing Line

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We have been looking for another very nice, big hybrid standard to add to our program as a working dog that still can do well in the show ring. We have always respected Maggie Shook's work at Gunslingers.We are very excited to bring this little tornado here as a - pretty much - total outcross on our dogs. We feel Hoba will completement our line up very well.


We have also been fan of Hoba's father Gunslinger's Kill'Em All aka Roman for a few years now. We are also going to use him on our favorite female, Wizo. Roman is a big hybrid standard boy with, according to owner, a temperament to die for. Stable, solid and great on the working field. Hoba's mom  also is a huge hybrid female and I fell in love with her a few months ago in some videos her owner would post. She is a beast at work, natural. We feel Roman and Zoe are going to be a nice pairing so we jumped on it!