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OFA Prelim Good - ED Normal

Wizo is our keeper from our Chaos x Banshee litter. She is one massive girl, weighting about 86 pounds and is tightly wrapped in a very athletic package. Wizo is our favorite production to date, she has the size, the body and headtype we will try to lock on for the next generations. We are extremely excited that we actually created our next brood bitch out of our foundation female. She is one thick girl with a big bum and huge bone. She is slightly long in the back and could use a deeper chest, but overall she is a gem. She has definitely inherited her mom's seriousness. She has a high energy level of energy and can go on for hours, but she has an off switch...thank God! Wizo is a dominant female but sweet with people. She will get along with most males and is good with puppies. A good thing that she respects her leader so she is always good if we are around.


Wizo's dad, Chaos, is one true 105 pounds bulldog with muscles for days! He is thick and seriously is phenomenal. His structure is absolutely gorgeous, the closest to our ideal to date! He is too bully for our taste but his basketball head is very impressive. He is a sweet boy too, with high prey. He shows attitude towards other dogs but he does not look for fight. Wizo's mom, Banshee, is simply our favorite hyrbid girl. She is our foundatipon female. You can look at her page on our website to know more about her, she is one hell of a dog.















CH Koopa Troopa


CH Screaming Banshee of Xtremebulldog