Masterbully's Clothing Line

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We are extremely thankful to the Souza in Arizona for the opportunity to have this special boy! My great friend and partner Amie at Outkast Bullies and I are super excited and happy to co own Outkast Bullies/Masterbully's Bark At The Moon aka Ozzy of Souza, as he should bring so many great things to both our programs!


Ozzy is a big standard hybrid down some amazing lines of workers, showstoppers and hog catchers in Texas! He is made for real work, even tho right now we are not doing anything with him because we are already very busy. He has legs and a long muzzle with huge nostrils. Ozzy would do extremely well in the woods for hog hunting, hopefully one day we can have the pleasure to try this. He has huge bone and he is very strong and tightly wrapped, yet his coat and skin are not too tight. Ozzy is a very independant boy yet is very lovely. He has no dog agression and isnt dominant either. He gets along with everyone and he has a high level of energy, without being overwhelming or annoying. He is an athlete and has a strong mind. High stamina, breathing, athleticism, endurance and tenacity all are traits he is made of.


Ozzy's mom, Hot Tamale of Masterbully/FFB, is out of Spike x Barbie, so she is sister to our co owned boy Chaos. I always wanted a puppy off of her and always kicked myself for not taking her back when I had the opportunity, but luckily Barbara and Greg Souza got her and were more than willing to work with me. They finally got that handsome, big hybrid standard boy Megatron of Cowan...a Cowan's Goober son. Both Goober and Megatron are amazing standard representatives and we had our eyes set on both of them for a while. Megatron has impressive mass and bone and is a big dog. We truely could not be happier with the way things turned out. 















Megatron of Cowan


Ch Hot Tamale of Masterbully/FFB