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ICH/NCL Clear (by parentage)

Ignite...my new love! It was love at first sight between him and I! He is already so devoted to his mama, we have a very strong bond and since he is 7 weeks old we have been having fun in obedience and tracking. He is my new working prospect and he is showing exeptionnal potential! Our private trainer even said it has been a long time since he has seen a puppy as good and promising as he is! We are extremely excited for our future. Everyone at our IPO Club is in love of course with our ''marshmallow'' as they call him. Iggy not only is a gem of a working prospect but physically he is extremely nice, well put together and he just has the cutest and sweetest face! He lives for me, I have never had a dog attached to me as he is. He respects me very much and although he is dominant he is 0 agressive. He will play with every other dogs, even males, but he does not like when they push him and he will just growl to let them know, without any agression. He is one of the most intelligent dog I have ever had. Banshee has thrown that so much to her puppies. He has solid nerves yet is extremely friendly. Working with him is a beautiful adventure.


Ignite's dad Ducatti Blue is one hell of a nice hybrid standard dog. He is very thick and big bone for his type and we absolutely loved him when we met him! He has a nice bite, nice teeth and nice muzzle lenght. He is an easy keep, extremely well balanced dog that has a very strong will to please. We are beyond excited with his first babies and can't thank our friend Stephanie at Roper's ABs enough for letting us having his first puppies. His pedigree is well known and carries some amazing blood from proven workers and hog catchers. Jericho's mom is our foundation female and simply something else. You can visit her page on our website for more info about her.















CH Ducatti Blue


CH Screaming Banshee of Xtremebulldog