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Champion / 2016 Show Dog Of The Year


OFA Excellent, ED-Normal


Chaos was born in our yard here at Masterbully's (out of our co-owned litter we did with FaithFullBull), and he is the product of 2 amazing dogs put together, my old and unique retired girl Barbie and FFB's Spike produced by Mightybull. He is co owned with a very cool couple in Windsor Ontario (Dan and Courtney). Chaos is brother to another male we co own named Capone, a great show dog who became a champion at a very young age.


Chaos is like a 100 pounds puppy! He is boy full of personnality and he reminds me a lot of his mother Barbie in some of his behaviors. He sure got his mom's very correct structure, straight front to rear, and her size/height. To me he is a very nice and quite special blend between mom and dad, an improvement on both his parents and we are thrilled to add him back to our breeding program. Chaos came here for 3 months so I was able to test his breathing, temperament and health. He breathes well for a 100 pounds bully dog and came jogging with me! He is a very good house dog. He is good with everyone, a little dominant with other dogs but not overly agressive, dude just has a big attitude! He is a natural show dog, a free stacker who does not blink an eye when judges come up to him to touch him. His temperament is very well balanced and we are very proud of what we have accomplished with him so far. He won 3 Best In Show out of 4 at the Canadian Rumbull 2016, his very first show! This beast is hands down my favorite looking bulldog I've ever seen. Would just like him to have a less bully head. His structure and construction are the best we've seen. 


His mom Barbie is our best house dog ever and a very well put together female weighting in the 90s in her prime. She is very affectionate, a devoted dog with an extremely strong will to please her owners, as well as an obedience freak. Barbie is very intelligent and she has produced one of our best litter to date with Spike. Unfortunately she only got bred twice and her 2nd litter gave us only 2 pups. 
















Dual CH Spike of Mightybull


Barbie of Butch Cassidy