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PH .45/.44, OFA Prelim Good, ED-Normal



OUR FIRST BOY LOVE IS COMING BACK HOME!! We are so extremely thankful and thrilled to bring back our amazing Crosscut to our crew! Circumstances were made that it just happened, like it was meant to be! We imported, raised, championed, tested and titled Crosscut before we sold him to great friends of ours in Wisconsin, at Bridgecreek's American Bulldogs. We didnt really want to let him go but as hard as it was we knew he was in great hands. They have kept him for 2 years and long story short now we're are bringing him back to his 1st home. They loved him and said that he was perfect in every way, and they are sad to let him go but of course they know he comes back home so he will be good! We do have some more plans, 3 years after we used him for the 1st time!


Crosscut is the daddy to our amazing boy Gob, the best tempered dog we have ever owned, and so grand father to our beautiful girl Pixie. Cross is an extremely friendly dog, he loves everyone, every kids, men and strangers. He is sweet as a pie with not an ounce of seriousness in him, which is something we appreciate but also it can be annoying...He wags his tail so much and so hard its always bleeding! Cross has a very well balanced temperament although his energy level and his drive are high and he tends to get obsessed with toys. Physically, he is a medium sized male in the 80's, with nice muscle tone and an amazing, impressive perfectly structured front end. His topline is nice, he is too short back for our taste and he could be straighter in the rear. Other than that, his bone is absolutely crazy, he has a beautiful, typey and cheeky bully face and his rear angulation is average.


Crosscut's mom Xi Mae was the sweetest dog we have ever had. The cuddliest little freaky bully thing! Xi Mae has produced extremely nicely for us and even though Banshee is our main foundation bitch, we can't deny what Xi Mae has brought to us and I'd say she is our 2nd foundation bitch...our breeding program revolves around Banshee and her pretty much. Xi has thrown clean breathers to us, very athletic shaped dogs with perfectly structure fronts. She outproduced herself a couple times. We have many of her offsprings/grandkids/great grandkids. Crosscut's dad, the one and only legend Ramstein, is a big, impressive bulldog who has made his mark in the breed. He is a great producer and his owner Trine has always said how much she loved her baby. Ramstein of course is a champion and one of the best males out there ever.
















Ch Ramstein of Ostergaard


Xi Mae of Ostergaard