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Hips xrayed before he got his leg amputed


ICH/NCL clear

Gob was produced right here at Masterbully's in 2014. He is a GREAT combination of both his parents as temperament wise I think he took best of both of them and even more. I am truely impressed with his temperament and we are able to take him everywhere with us, and that since he is 7 weeks old. He is very playful, energetic, extremely athletic, impressively confident, has above average intelligence and he's got high stamina and a very strong will to please. He loves people, he is patient with puppies, not too dominant around other males, great with every females. Physically, he breathes clean although once worked up  in very high drive he pants heavy. But he comes with me for jogging during summer for an hour with no problem at all. He is tight skinned like his dad, has great muscle tone, nice tight and round paws, very well developped shoulders and is very shortback. He is not really the best show dog as he does not like the show ring and won't stack for me, but sure is an amazing natural worker, very stubborn and hard headed like his mom, but has a huge heart and devotion to please...that's how we like them anyway!! His temperament is I think the best I have ever had on my yard and I would def love to lock on it. His nevers are simply the strongest, nothing phases him, while staying very gentle and loving. He is affectionate too, and he loves kids! He is extremely fun to work, his mind never gets tired...his body dies before his mind! You can ask him whatever you want he will just do it. His natural bite is phenomenal, tight and extremely strong. He has never been worked during his 1st year of life, we started later and it did not require lot of training to put titles on him...


Gob is out of our first stud dog Crosscut, a very complete bully dog with beautiful structure and a catchy look. Cross has a great temperament, tail always wagging (so much it would open!), well balanced and sound, very sociable. He loves people, is very patient with puppies, gets along with almost every dog. He is all in all a great companion and is an easy keep. He has high energy level though and can get very obsessed with toys. He is goofy and not a serious dog. He was good on a working field but more for obedience than protection, as he was too mellow for that. Training obedience with him was motivating, he was a fast learner and had the heart to perform. Gob is just like his dad for that. Gob's mom, Banshee, is our beautiful and pretty hybrid girl. Banshee is also strong headed and she is a great working dog. Her son Gob is even more confident and has even more potential than her, which is actually extremely exciting!! Banshee has been proven time after time and is my favorite baby, combining nerves, great working ability and high stamina in a small but thick, very correct package.














CH Roll The Dice of Ostergaard


CH/JR CH Screaming Banshee of Xtreme's