Masterbully's Clothing Line

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Ich/Ncl Clear by parentage

Manson is one of our production and is bellybrother to our beautiful, big girl Wizo. He is extremely well put together, athletic with a nice body, thick but not overdone. He is co owned with a lady named Susan who became a friend in Montreal. She is amazing and her boy is her life! Manson is decent size and he is in my opinion an improvement on both his parents! So far his breathing is just like his mom's, you dont hear a single sound out of his mouth. He has an extremely nice rear end, straight and thick with a beautiful angulation and turn to the stiffles. He is a nice hybrid with very nice teeth and a tight undershot. His muzzle is wide and he is not too bully. We are very happy with this boy!


Manson's dad, Chaos, is one true 105 pounds bulldog with muscles for days! He is thick and seriously is phenomenal. His structure is absolutely gorgeous, the closest to our ideal to date! He is too bully for our taste but his basketball head is very impressive. He is a sweet boy too, with high prey. He shows attitude towards other dogs but he does not look for fight. Manson's mom, Banshee, is simply our favorite hybrid girl. She is our foundatipon female. You can look at her page on our website to know more about her, she is one hell of a dog.