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Jr Champion

PH .30/.26, OFA Cardiac normal, OFA patellas normal, ICH/NCL clear

Hooch came to us all the way from Iowa. He was produced at Chasteen's American Bulldogs and we got him at 1.5 year old. Hooch is a very goofy happy-go-lucky 93 pounds bulldog that still acts just like a puppy. He is a bulldozer, he doesnt care for personal space and he needed to be taught some polite manners! He is extremely sweet he just does not know he is big. He can get very intense with toys, and he is not dominant around other dogs although he will stand his ground. Hooch is a big boy but not huge, standing at 23.5-24 inches tall and weighting in, at 2 years old, exactly 93 pounds. He moves well, has a nice topline, nice rear. He is a little long in the back and could use better rear angulation, and a nice shoulder set, but I am being picky. His overall conformation is nice, and his head is beautiful, actually one of the nicest and prettiest!! He has a tight coat and even tho he is a big dog, he is very agile and will jump on a 4 feet high plank just like a cat. It is impressive! He is not the most active dog he is more of a cuddling buddy!


Hooch is out of Studebaker of White Angels. We have been trying in the past to breed to this nice stud twice and dit idnt work. We have met Studebaker a couple years ago and he is a very impressive bulldog, full of muscles, very thick, very intense with a beautiful bully head. Although bullies is not what we want to produce as our ultimate goal, they are great keys to use to add/keep thickness, bone, muscle mass and we sure do love the look of their type. Hooch's mama is Rockzan, a half bred Dailey bitch, compact and straight, that has proven to be a great producer, especially of nice thick and straight rears.














Dual CH Studebaker of White Angels


CH Rockzan of Dailey