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Canadian Rumbull August 2010




- Dax is the second one from the left, this was his very first show!


- Stella won a second place Saturday morning, and then won 2 X 1st place! It was her very first show too!






Outerbanks Bullie Bash April 2011



 - Banshee is now a JR CH!!! She also won 1st place Driviest Puppy!


- Dax did so well too. He finished 3 times 1st in his class, he also got a Best Classic Male Puppy on Sunday. He got 1st place Driviest Puppy and Hardest Hitting. He also got his WTE title!!!







Beast of The East May 2011



- Banshee did Best In Show Puppy! She also finished 2nd Driviest Puppy 3-12 months old class, at only 5 months old!


- Dax showed well, but the competition was tough. He got a 3rd place on Sunday and also finished 2nd in the Hardest Hitting competition, against 5 other dogs at only 12 months old!








Buckeye Bulldog Bash June 2011



- Banshee did 3 Best In Show puppy!! That was AMAZING!


- Dax did a 2nd place and a 3rd place in his class!


- Stella took 3x 1st place in her class!






The Canada Show Eh! Sept 2011



- Banshee did it again! 1 BIS pup!!


- Prankster did so well for her very first time in the ring!! She did two 1st places and one 2nd place. We couldn't be happier with that lil fireball!






Outerbanks Bullie Bash April 2012

- Wow! Banshee and I have completed the 12 miles AD with a time of 1:22!! I am so proud of us! We also got her DHT title. Banshee won 2 times Best Standard Female at the show.


- Prankster did awesome too, she Jr Championed out winning Best In Show puppy on Sunday!


- Atreyu did well also, a 2nd, a 1st and he won Best Classic Male Puppy!




Canadian Rumbull August 2012

- Banshee championed out this weekend winning 2 x Best Standard in Show!! I am so proud of her!


- Prankster also did well placing all 3 shows


- Atreyu didnt get anything, he just turned 1 year old and still has a lot of filling out to do. He showed for his first time in the adult classes!


- Thrice was retarded in the show ring! This girl has so much energy and no fear...so she was jumping on me, running like a fool in the ring and trying to get her leash...she also was chasing the other pups in the ring...but she placed in 2 shows!


- Crosscut did very good as well winning Best Classis Male Puppy and placed the other shows! So proud of my lil man!

Hoosier Showcase March 2013

- Cid did well for his very first show! He placed 2 x 1st pace in his group!


- Devil Me did good as well, with his new owner Amie! He got 3rd and 2nd!


- Thrice, crazy fireball...such a handful pup...didnt get anything but good comments on her temperament lol!


- Crosscut did an amazing job winning BIS puppy on Sat! So proud of him!


- Prankster placed 1st in her huge and competitive class on Sat and got 3rd on Sunday! 



Outerbanks Bullie Bash April 2013

- Our amazing girl Prankster got 2 x BIS at the show and became a champion!! 


- Baby boy Cross got Best Classic and 2 x Best Classic Male at 12 months old! He is now 1 minor away from his championship!!

Chi-Town Throwdown Sept 2013

- Crosscut did well, still very young, but placed good in his class everytime, even 1st.


- Thrice showed her very best this weekend, I was very proud of her, even got a 1st on Sunday in her class!


- Barbie showed good for her very first time, got 3 x 1st in her class

Ohio Bulldog Bash Oct 2013

- Very happy and proud to announce that our boy Crosscut got Best Classic this weekend on the very first show, which made him a CHAMPION now! Woohoo!!!


- Thrice did well too, she does so much better in the ring, stacked and behave a lot better, got 4x 2nd places!


- Xi Mae, who had 11 puppies 3 months ago, showed in the 4+ ring and got 2 x 2nd places and 2 x 1st places, plus she went on to win Best Classic Female!


- Bigwig also did very well, had turned 3 months old the day before the show, and got 3 x 1st places and 1 x 2nd place in his class! Starting well!

Battle Of The Bulls May 2014

- Our Champion Crosscut showed in the BIS ring but did not win any, even if at one time he was very close to!

- I am EXTREMELY proud of what Capone and I have accomplished that weekend (Capone is co-owned with my friend Chris St-Louis). Capone won all 3 Best Classic, made it to the champion ring 3 times, but he still has some filling out to do so we migh be luckier next time!

- Xi Mae showed well again,winning 3 x her class, and she also went on to win Best Classic Female on the 2nd show! Not bad for the old freaky lady!

Great Canadian BullBQ Oct 2014

- Capone showed in the Champion ring, did not win any, he still needs time to mature at 18 months old, watch out for him once he is done!


- Baby boy Gob at 6 months old won 1 x Best Classic Male Puppy. Got nice comments about his movement!

- Baby girl Blu won BIS on Sunday! I was very proud of her and also got some very nice comments about her!

Canadian Rumbull May 2015

- I took Gob with me at the show but I was not planning on showing, just going to pick up a dog....of course I could not resist and we showed one show to get Best Classic Male! 

Canadian Rumbull May 2016


We are extremely proud of our productions, as after almost 2 years out the show circuit, we came back and brought 4 of our productions to the show and won 3 out of 4 BIS adult and 3 out of 4 BIS puppy, and it was all their FIRST time showing ever! We had great compliments on their movement and behaviors.


- Chaos, 3 years old, out of our co-own litter of Spike x Barbie, won Best Classic Male Friday night and  3 x Best In Show on Saturday!


- Nightwish, our 4.5 months old freaky girl, won one Best In Show Puppy on Sat and 1st and 2nd places.


- Handsome boy Mickey showed in the 9-12 months old and won one Best In Show Puppy as well as 2 Best Classic Puppy and 1 Best Male!


- LaRoux also won a Best In Show Puppy and a couple Best Female and one Best Classic, beating her brother Mickey. 



Quebec SummerBull June 2016


Once again, we could not be happier with our results this time again! Masterbully puppies won 3 BIS out of 4 and Chaos won 3 BIS out of 4 again! 


- Masterbully's Bohemian Rhapsody showed well at only 3 months old! She got 2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd and 1 x Best Classic Female Puppy! She is a very promising little girl. Need to work on leash thing....lol


- Masterbully's Going In For The Kill also showed well...(have to get results back not sure enough!)


- Masterbully's Natural Born Biter placed...(have to get results back not sure enough!)


- Pawsitive's Fancy of Masterbully (sister to Smoke 2 Joints) also won a Best In Show Puppy and actually did very well all 4 shows!


- Masterbully's Smoke 2 Joints placed all shows, got 1 x Best Classic Male Puppy and one Best In Show puppy, with his co-owner Nathalie, both their very first show! 


- Masterbully's Mockingbird did well for his very first show too, was shown by his co-owner Valerie and brought back a Best In Show Puppy trophy too!


- Masterbully's Destroyer of Ostergaard did good, getting a Best Classic Female 3 x which made her a new Champion! Shiva had 10 babies 12 weeks ago so was not in he best shape either!


- Masterbully's/FaithFullBull's Koopa Troopa aka Chaos brought home 3 Best In Show trophies! This boy is born for the show ring!

Ohio Bulldog Bash Sept 2016


- Our little girl LaRoux got 2x3rd, 1x2nd and the 4th show she got Best Classic! She also earned her Irondog IDTT, GDT and ID3.


- Proud of our co owned boy Sublime, who rocked it and got one 1st, one Best Classic Male Puppy, one Best Classic Puppy and a Best In Show!


- My amazing girl Pixie did so good for her first show, winning 3 x Best Classic Female Puppy and then a Best In Show!


- Chaos showed good, already a champion, but did not win any of the rings. He is co owned and was not in show shape but we don't care, he is already proven enough ;) Still make all the heads turn! 


- Our 3 legged boy Gob got his IDTT, DHT, GDT and ID3!!