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*** Please read our contract below before inquiring about a puppy. 300$ deposit to hold your pick is NON REFUNDABLE but can be TRANSFERRED to any other litters. We also DO NOT REFUND money for puppies but REPLACE them if they don't make the cut. We offer a 2 years guarantee on genetic defects - read our contract to know more about it! We do not let people pick puppies for color as for us temperament is the most important. We also are present after the puppy went to his new home as we want to keep track of what we produce and we are there to help/answer questions of the new owners anytime! We also DO NOT sell to just any breeders. You have to have the same high breeding ethics and practices as ours, test, show/work and are a proven CONSCIENCIOUS breeder with references if we don't know you*** 

Spring 2018

we are repeating as the breeding did not take the first try Summer 2017

Widow Maker of Sandhills

Supreme Grand Champion

2014 NKC National Champion

Ich/Ncl Clear, OFA Good, ED-Normal

IPO I, BST, CGC, DD, WTE, GDT, ID3 (rank)


Going In For The Kill of Masterbully

Ich/Ncl Clear, OFA Good, ED-Normal

IPO BH, GDT, IDTT, ID3 (in training for more)

We feel that Moose is the perfect choice to complement our little girl La Roux for her first breeding.


Physically, both dogs are athletic and well-built without being overdone. Although La Roux is a shorter compact female, she is very swift, athletic and very focused. Her breathing is great just like her mom Banshee. Therefore, we can only expect stamina and endurance from her – the right traits for a working AB. Moose has always been a favorite everywhere he goes. Not only does he perform in the show ring but also equally good on the working field. He has excelled in IPO and has been tested and proven to work very well on hogs too! He is a very balanced level headed but well-driven, intense and powerful dog. These are the traits that we aim to maintain and pass on to our next generation of dogs. Moose is tightly wrapped, moves very well and he should bring in more legs, height and range. We also love his type, and equally important, we envision that he brings in longer muzzles to our puppies too. 


We are extremely excited to see this breeding happen in so many aspects! The pedigree is tightly packed with proven working dogs top and bottom. Moose is down from some of the same blood as our girl with “Blue Eyed Tiger” – a well-known big female with a solid temperament – as a common close ancestor. With both lines combined, it will be a balanced mix of closely related dogs with remarkable conformation, temperament, grit, intelligence and physical ability.


We feel that we made the correct choice in having La Roux’s first breeding with Moose to open up a wider future for our breeding program and to produce the next generation of working dogs from us. La Roux is the one we are currently concentrating on working the most. She has already advanced in every degree of IPO. We should be trialing for her IPO BH before we make this breeding and hopefully have her earn her IPO I too if time permits. We are working her seriously. We hope to create an even better version of her and a dog that will physically be closer to what we are striving to consistently produce. That is, well balanced, true-to-type, stable, strong and structurally sound working dogs.



We are intently looking for working homes for the future puppies. We would not want to settle for anything less as to waste the litter. We will watch this litter with very close interest as they eventually go to their permanent working homes and monitor their progress as we feel that every litter we produce is a continuous and permanent testament to our dedication to this breed. We will be keeping two or three puppies, while one will be heading to the Philippines to a working home. 


1ST PICK Masterbully/co own Sprenkels 1ST PICK Masterbully
2ND PICK ThunderBeast's ABs/Philippines 2ND PICK Vrouwenfelder 
3RD PICK Havelland Bulls/Germany 3RD PICK open

Winter 2018

Koopa Troopa


2016 ABRA Show Dog Of The Year 

ICH/NCL Clear, OFA Excellent


Where Is My Mind


ICH/NCL Clear, OFA pending


We are thrilled to put these 2 together. We are expecting some really nice bully show dogs, but with the athleticism and agility of hybrid. Pixie is a Banshee grandaughter and a Shiva daughter. We bred Chaos with both Shiva and Banshee and are very happy so far with what they have produced. We don't expect nothing less from this combination. Loaded with muscle, thickness, expecting amazing angulation. We hope Chaos will correct Pixie's movement as she is more of a little tank than a light mover so hopefully he gives the puppies more reach. Pixie is a nice sized girl and Chaos is huge we expect the puppies to be medium/big in size and of course mostly white. Both dogs are sociable with people and good in change of environment, but we are not trying to create a working dog but more trying to lock on a body type, rear and size. Both dogs have cool temperament and medium level of intelligence. I'd say the are classical bully, a temperament for everybody!



1ST PICK Masterbully/co own Dennis 1ST PICK Masterbully
2ND PICK Anderson's ABs/AUS 2ND PICK Bingham's ABs/OH
3RD PICK Adam Chairez/TX 3RD PICK Adam Chairez/TX

Summer/Fall 2018

Roll The Dice of Ostergaard


Ich/Ncl Clear, PH.44/.45, OFA prelim Good, ED-Normal

DHT, GDT, IDOB2, IDTT, ID3 (ranked), ID5


Raum Der Zeit

Ich/Ncl Clear, hips pending

1ST PICK Masterbully/co own QuakeTown 1ST PICK Masterbully
2ND PICK Open 2ND PICK Bingham's ABs

Winter 2018-2019

*working home or very experienced home serious and hard puppies expected*

Boyd's Coal Chamber

Ncl Clear, PH .45/.45



The female will be announced later!

We are extremely intrigued and stoked to work with this old but serious hard blood and mix Coal to our breeding program! We can't thank our friend Danielle enough for offering it to us. As we were bulldogging one night Danielle said she was in love with one of our girls and said she'd love me to use her frozen Coal semen on her to get a puppy back. I was very honored and shocked by her offer, and so happy!


What Coal owner has to say about him :

''Coal was a hard dog.  Not for a weak handler.  He had prey drive but much more of prey aggression and true dominance over helpers.  Punishing grips.  Not the kind of dog you can walk up to and pet like you have known him forever.  Serious protector in the house and car. Tons of forward aggression. Not one time in his life did I ever see his tail tucked.  He was always very full of himself wherever we traveled. Also super clear in the head.  


Obedience was nice.  Nothing super flashy.... but the sport was different back then.  And so was the training.  He had lots of ball drive, but was not the kind of dog that worked just for the ball.  Where the handler just becomes a ball machine.  He worked with me because of a huge bond.  There was no reason to warm him up before a trial and make him think I had a ball on me.  He didn’t work like that.  He also never failed anything.  BH - SCH 3 and all of the Bulldog titles he never failed anything. Natural tracking dog.  


Great temperament with other dogs, even males as long as they didn’t at all try to dominate him.  Great with puppies also.''









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