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''Ok, here is a little information that the amazing Dr Davis shared with us at the Ohio show. VERY INFORMATIVE and so friggin interesting for people that tests their dog's hips. I am sharing a little of what he taught us to people that were not there. 

The importance of the positioning on OFA xrays is under estimated! There are dogs that came back dysplastic due to a shitty positioning, that came back Excellent after sending xrays again done by Dr Davis, with the correct position. To make it simple, to know if the position on the xray is good, you need to look at 2 things. Ok a lot of us know what a good position looks like, and what good hips look like. But there are some details and points that really make a huge difference, and well, I personally was not aware of them, so I am sharing today.

So first of all, when you look at xrays, there are 2 holes in the middle of the hips, and they look like 2 eyes looking at you. They have to be the exact same size and shape, if not, position is not ok. Then the second thing you have to look at, are the kneecaps. That is why OFA requires to be able to see the knees on the xrays. The kneecaps (white balls on the xrays) have to be either turned on the inside, or in the middle. If they are turned on the OUTSIDE, the position is shitty and you will get a lower score on the hips! That makes them look LOOSE! 

As Dr Davis said ''you can NOT make hips look better than what they actually are, BUT you sure can make them look a lot worse''. This means, if your dog has good hips, well you wont be able to make them look excellent. But you can take excellent hips and make them look Mild! He also gave us a chart with a lot of unaccurate results due to bad positionning...some dogs even went from Mild Dysplastic to EXCELLENT!!!

So anyway, people, be careful, and ask for another xray when the one of your dog looks shitty. OFA doesnt care and will take any xrays, even shitty ones, and won't ask for better one, so it is YOUR responsibility. I test for OFA and PH, and trust me, next time I do xrays on one of my dog, I will be very careful and ask for perfection. It has me wondering if some of my dogs could have better OFA score now lol...Also, a PH like Banshee, .53/.36, is NOT normal. I might have to re do them, as it is almost impossible she got a score like that, the positioning wasnt correct Dr Davis said!''



I had my first female and I loved her very deeply. Unfortunately, she came back Mild no DJD after I tested her for OFA. I was devastated...then the guy who sold her to me convinced me to do the xrays again with another vet, a woman who is known to take nice xrays for OFA and give you accurate opinion. I did it again, paid again...and then with the proper position, Stella came back Fair, which is a passing score!




Banshee was tested at a young age and got a PennHip result of .53/.36, in the 50th percentile. After the seminar Dr Davis made at the show for us, I asked him if it was ''normal''. His answer was that such a big difference between the 2 hips should not be normal. So I decided to re-do Banshee's Pennhip, even if it would cost me 500$ again. I talked to my vet and told him I wanted correct positioning of the xrays, since now I know what to look at and I know what a good position is. The previous and first xrays were not ok. So Banshee came back .41/.32, and is now in the 90th percentile!!! Ask your vet for correct xrays it is worth it!