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Bullicious Summer Breeze July 2017


- We are very proud of our Ducatti Blue x Banshee babies! Jericho, for her very first show showed very well and was so well behaved. She won 2 x 1st places and 2 x Best Standard Female Puppy.


- Her brother, our up coming all star Ignite won 1 x Best In Show Puppy, 2 x Best Standard Puppy and 1 x Best Standard Male Puppy and out of all the winners through the weekend, he was judges 2nd choice!


- Our big pup Wizo surprised more than one. Always said pictures don't do her justice! Wizo showed amazingly well, I am proud of her too! She won 2 x Best In Show Puppy, 1 x Best Classic Puppy and 1 x 2nd place.


- Last but not least, our beautiful Pixie! She showed well too, except that show 2 and 3 she had something going on that made her feel very uncomfortable and she wouldnt let judges touch her rear. Show 1 and 4 she was fine though. So she got 1 x Best In Show, 1 x Best Classic and 2 x 3rd places.

Canadian Rumbull May 2018


At that show we only brought 2 of our young boys, Manson and Ozzy (co-owned with my best partner Amie @ Outkast Bullies).


- Ozzy at only 14 months swept the show, winning 2 out of the 4 Best In Show and the 2 other shows won Best Bully and made it to the Best In Show ring. 


- Poor Manson was out of surgery a few weeks ago and had lost a lot of weight so he didnt look his best but he still managed to win 2 x Best Classic Male!